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Top 10 Container Gardens for Your Patio

Top 10 Container Gardens for Your Summer Patio

Container gardening is a great way to dress up a patio.  Potted plants can be strategically placed based on the available sun and to accent seating areas. Here are the 10 best container gardening ideas for whatever your patio needs may be.

These pots are my picks to pair with each container gardening idea below.

1. Trio of Color

Not only do these three pots make look great on there own, the plants are sun loving for those long summers.


Trio of Color - Container Gardening

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Find this lush look by Sunset.com

2. Mosquito Control in One Pot!

These 6 plants not only repel mosquitoes, but will look great on any patio as well. Unwind and relax on your patio without bothered by mosquitoes or dousing yourself in DEET.

Mosquito Control in One Pot | 10 Container Gardening Ideas

Mosquito Control in One Pot by Salisbury Gardens

Find more mosquito repelling plants on my post 12 Mosquito Repelling Plants that will look gorgeous on your patio.

3. Texture Exploration

Pairing a variety of plant textures and flowers with a fun pot will give you a slam dunk patio garden.

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Texture Exploration

See how to create this blend of textures made by BHG

Check out these books I’ve found for more information and ideas on container gardens for an ideal patio.

4. Petunias and Sweet Potato Vines

Add a punch of color with combining Sweet Potato Vines with a colorful flower or coleus. The vines will cascade down the pot as they grow which makes them great for a tall statement pot.

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Petunias and Sweet Potato Vine

Check out the Sweet Potato Vine plant profile at BHG

5. The Thriller, Spiller, & Filler

Dwell On Joy does a great job of explaining how to put a container garden together with these three key elements. Using this technique makes combining multiple plants in one pot fun and easy.

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Thrill, Spiller, & Filler

Find this and other creations by Dwell On Joy

Top 10 Container Gardens for Your Summer Patio

6. Free Spirit Patio Planter

This planter makes a statement with a variety of coleus mixed with some Mexican feather grass and other beauties. This planter will create a relaxed environment for your summer patio.

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Free Spirit Patio Planter

Planter and photo by Chris Major from HGTV’s Rate My Space

7. Herb Container Garden

Turn your herb garden into focal point.  This patio herb garden has lavender, rosemary, basil, sage, and two varieties of parsley.

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Herb Garden

One pot herb garden by A Cultivated Nest

8. Water Garden

Have your potted plants and water feature in one! Having a container water garden is a great solution for those wanting something different without putting a hole in the ground. This container has elephant ears, papyrus, water lilies, and water lettuce. Consider adding mosquito fish to help prevent your water garden from being a breeding ground.

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Water Garden

Learn how to make water gardens by Midwest Living

9. Palms and Flowers

Pairing a tall palm tree with tropical flowers will turn your patio into a summer oasis!

10 Container Gardening Ideas | Palm Tree and Tropical Flowers

Find this beauty and other potted palm creations by Costa Farms

10. Rustic Elegance

When in doubt pair a punch of color with a rustic pot. These geraniums are not only build for beauty, but will withstand some serious hot and humid summers. With being heat resistant, this container garden will keep your patio looking it’s best all summer.

10 Container Gardening | Rustic Elegance

Check out this potted beauty by Southern Living

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