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Make Your Own Supplement Capsules

Making your own capsules is often cheaper than buying pre-made multi-ingredient supplements. Combining supplements at targeted amounts could also help to maximize a desired benefit. You can save money with making your own single ingredient capsules from bulk powders or herbs.

Make Your Own Supplement Capsules - rojabonita.com

There’s a world of information on all kinds of supplements and their potential benefits. After finding a few supplements with similar effects, I determined combining them may have the best benefit. The problem was that I didn’t want to take the full dose of each, but rather a fraction. I was concerned the full dose of each would be too much for the body. How do you split up supplements without having the unpleasant taste of the contents? You make your own capsules!

Make Your Own Supplement Capsules - rojabonita.com

Here is a tutorial on how to blend supplements and make your own capsules.

What you’ll need:
Supplements of Choice
Small Bowl (I use these prep bowls)
Medium Bowl
Sifter (I use this one)
Empty Capsules (I use V-Caps)
Capsule Filling Machine

Step 1: Selecting your supplements and the desired amount of each.

The first step is to determine what supplements you want to combine and the desired amount of each. I am using three different supplements in capsule form. I want to use ⅓ of each supplement capsule for the capsule blend I am creating. The total capsule volume for the three is 1550 mg. So 1/3 will give me 517 mg. I chose to go with the size zero capsules.

A + B + C = 1550 mg
1550 / 3 = 517

I am using Capsule Connection‘s “The Capsule Machine” to make my capsules. The Capsule Machine holds 24 capsules. With using 1/3 of each ingredient, I will need 8 capsules of each to produce 24 homemade capsules.

24 ÷ 3 = 8

8 capsules of each ingredient will give the ratio of ingredients I want and the correct volume to fill the 24 capsules.

Here is a chart showing the volume range for each capsule size. The capsule filling machines are made for specific capsules sizes. Once you decide on a capsule size you’ll need to stick to it unless you want to purchase multiple filling machines.

Step 2: Set up the capsule filling machine.

Assemble the capsule filling machine per the manufacturer’s instructions. I am using Capsule Connection’s The Capsule Machine.

Place all components on a plate or flat bowl. Put the BASE block on the STAND.

Capsule Filling Machine Parts

Separate your empty capsules and place the bases and caps in the holes of the capsule filler. You will ask yourself “did I miss any holes”. If you hold the base and cover blocks at an angle you will see a glare on the rounded ends of the capsules. This is the easiest way to quickly verify if you have any holes without capsules. In the photo below you can see the glare at the center of the capsules in the cover very well. Of course you can always use colored capsules to make it even easier!

Be sure all the bases are pressed into their holes fully. Run your finger over the surface of the base block to check if any capsules are sticking up above the surface of the filler. Press them down if you find any.

Empty Capsules in Filler

Step 3: Mixing your ingredients

Count out your capsule ingredients and empty them into a small bowl.

Mixing Ingredients

Gently stir the ingredients together. The powder ingredients can be very light and even a mild draft or ceiling fan may disturb them. Be careful to keep all the ingredients in the bowl.

Step 4: Sift ingredients together

Sift your ingredients to ensure a uniform mixture. Some powders will clump easily. Be sure you don’t have any hidden clumps so your ingredients will be evenly blended.  Sift multiple times if required.

Sift Powders


Step 5: Fill your capsules

Pour your blended ingredients over the capsules and use the spatula spreading tool to distribute the powder to fill the capsules. Remove any excess powder. The Capsule Machine has one open corner to allow for excess powder to easily be removed. Use the tamping tool to compact the powder. Repeat the process by adding powder, spreading it, and tamping it until the capsules are fully filled. I usually go through the process and tamp 3-4 times. You will get to a point when the tamping tool doesn’t gain you any more space in the capsule and you’ll know you are done.

Filling Capsules

Step 6: Assemble capsules

Take the base block of filling machine off it’s stand. Put the cover block on top of the base block with the capsule caps facing their bases.  Press firmly until the cover and base are fully mated and the base bottoms out. This will push the capsule bases into the top caps closing your capsules. Once the capsule halves are combined, your new capsules will be in the cover block. Pop the capsules out of the cover block and you’re done!

Step 7: Enjoy the benefits and cost savings of your supplement capsules!

Always store your capsules in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Many vitamins, supplements, and herbs will degrade when exposed to heat or sunlight.

Homemade Supplement Capsules

Make Your Own Supplement Capsules

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